Functional Nutrition and Detox - Work with me!

Hi! and welcome!

I offer several difference packages which I will detail below. I also offer some custom packages so please reach out if you have any questrions Please email for pricing on each package

What supplements are right for me? This is a custom package that requires you to fill out an intake questionnaire so that I can assess your digestion, adrenals, thyroid, reproduction, immune system, blood sugar handling etc, and make sure you're taking the right supplements to support your body. Includes a one hour call to reivew outcomes and suggestions. 

What supplements are right for me PLUS nutrional assessment PLUS working together for 90 days. Includes the above, and requires you to fill out a food journal. Includes a one hour call, plus 2 thiry-minute follow ups over the course of 90 days. You will have access to me for 90 days.

Explant detox. Did you have your breast plants removed and now you're ready to detox? Includes the above plus a detox plan. We will work together for 6 months. 

General detox. Includes the above plus a detox plan. We will wrok together for 6 months. 

Still have questions, please email me at