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A year later and it’s still my favorite deodorant! It works so well! No stink over here! –Laura


My favorite deodorant! Lavender scent is lovely and and keeps me odor free even during my workouts. Bonus: it doesn’t leave any white streaks behind… goes on clear! Will definitely purchase again. –alewis1029


love it.. It works great for me and my family. –nataliayepes


This deodorant worked like a charm! It smells great and actually works, unlike most natural deodorants. –Kirstin Fouche


This deodorant works perfectly! I purchased grapefruit and sweet orange. The scents are pleasant but very light—I can’t even smell the deodorant after I’ve applied it. –planetathena


Best deodorant ever! I’ve used so many clean deodorants and this is the only one that actually works to keep smells at bay. Thanks again! –Vanessa Jimenez


I’ve waited a while to review this item because I wanted to give it a fair chance first. I’ve been wearing Holly’s deodorant for about 3 months now, and it’s the second all natural deodorant that I’ve tried. I’m SO happy with it. It’s easy to use and the texture isn’t gross. It doesn’t stick on your hands all day until you wash them (this was the case with the first all natural deodorant that I used.) It smells nice – so far I’ve tried orange and lavender. For me, it lasts all day. And best of all, there’s no more sticky residue under my arms! I know the price might feel a little high for such a small container, but it lasts a long time and when you’re doing something good for your body, the price is so worth it! –Meg


I had doubts, major doubts. Was recently diagnosed w/ a severe autoimmune disease and my doctor recommended all nontoxic products. Deodorant is my last replacement. I had little faith in a nontoxic deodorant as I’ve been using men’s deodorant for the past 10 years because well, I smell and women’s deodorant sucks. Behold, THIS STUFF WORKS. I quit toxic deodorant cold turkey and went straight to Holly’s Keeping it Real as it had rave reviews. Will never turn back, I’m thoroughly pleased with the quality and lasting power. No rash, no smell, no sweat, no itch. It even works for my husband! Divine magic in a jar. Thanks Holly, your nontoxic deodorant is the creme de la creme. –JTNoel


I love this deodorant!! I have been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works for a long time. My sister has eczema and has tried countless amount of different deodorants that either don’t do its job or she ends up with a rash. This one, does the job and no rash!! You have no idea what a relief it has been to discover this product! Thank you so much!! –Renee Parra


This is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I am addicted to it, and I NEVER smell. Even pregnant with the extra hormones. I couldn’t recommend it enough! –Kelsey Mills 


I’ve tried numerous natural deodorants and none of them worked longer than a month. I’ve been using this since January and I love it. This one is the winner! –Kiara Harris


Love this deodorant and I’m so glad I ordered it! It works!!! I’m so happy I found HollysKeepingItReal!!! –Denise Lippe


Purchased the sweet orange scent a month ago and here’s my honest review of my experience with it for a month. First, what a yummy smell! The scent is lovely. I always used clinical protection deodorant and this worked even better. I’m not exaggerating. By the end of the day with the clinical stuff, I’d smell like a mix of B.O. and deodorant (BOdorant ). But Holly’s stuff leaves me with no scent at all at the end of the day. It’s still amazing to me even after a month! We even had some days that were over 100° and I had no issue. I work closely with clients and I’ve never felt self conscious. Only confident. –Gina G


Although using this product made me realize I have more sensitive skin, Holly was AMAZING in working with me. I told her the issues I was having and she was there for me every step of the way. Recommending things, giving advice, and she offered to ship me her new sensitive skin formula free of charge. Holly AND her products rock. I’m so excited to try the new sensitive formula! –Christina Mahaffie


I love this deodorant!! Although I am still pretty sweaty because I did not really detox from chemical deodorant, I do not smell at all!!!! This is pretty much a miracle for me. I have shared this with my mom and sister who are now hooked! Definitely recommend giving it a shot even if you have tried other natural deodorants and developed a rash or still smelled despite it. I think this one is the real deal. –Molly Kubicek


It came in August with a note that “It’s this time of the year” when everything melts, so you might wanna put it in the fridge. This is not very convenient because if you do that, it freezes too hard. Other than that, I love it! The smell is fantastic, light. I’m an extremely sweaty kind, so for me it works longer in colder weather. Even though it contains soda, and I have sensitive skin, I didn’t have bad reaction, very happy about that! Thank you, Holly! –Natasha Kolesnik


I have tried so many natural deodorants since 2015, that I was beginning to lose hope and switch back to Degree. This was recommended to me by a fellow member of a green beauty Facebook group. This deodorant has blown me away. It stood the test in 80 degree heat at my son’s soccer game. I have ended my search as this is the holy grail! So happy I purchased this. I’ve already recommended it to multiple people. –Erica


Love this product so much! Received “primal pit paste” as a gift and I gave it away after using Holly’s! Holly’s is the best natural deodorant on the market I did an underarm detox while transitioning from conventional deodorant as Holly recommended and I will never go back. Thanks so much! –melissafmetz